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Siddharth Sinha

Founder and Executive Chairman, Vogue and Velocity Group of Companies

Siddharth Sinha, Founder and Executive Chairman of Vogue and Velocity Group of Companies,
is an Indian serial entrepreneur and the driving force behind several international businesses.
With a degree in Economics and born with a core competence for design, he established his first business in 1988 under the name of Vogue International LLC, based in Dubai, by providing
customers a rare combination of production and design.

Today Siddharth leads a group of international companies located in UAE, Egypt, Italy, China
and Ethiopia, specialized in garment manufacturing, design, retail and logistics services, offering employment to over 7500 people. The group is well known for its design and R&D centers, specialized designing teams are spread over Vogue and Velocity’s locations throughout the world, offering its customers an unique blend of the latest fashion, innovation and pricing.


Velocity factories are amongst Egypt's largest garment exporters, producing over 1 million pieces per month and leveraging the latest in technology, environmental solutions, innovation
and services.


Velocity’s factory in Ethiopia is a state-of-art facility, acknowledged by reputed buyers and journalists, as the most advanced garment factory in the world, with a capacity to produce over 3.5 million pieces per month. In Ethiopia Velocity provides a social-impactful-sourcing platform as its offers free residence, meals, sports and recreational centers together with medical facilities and free drinking water to the community around the factory. In addition, Velocity Ethiopia is 100% dedicated to green and environmental solutions.

Velocity’s factories supply to world’s biggest retailers, such as:

  • Zara Women

  • Kontoor Brands (Lee, Wrangler, Nautica)

  • The GAP

  • The Children’s Place

  • Old Navy


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November 15, 2019